Remote Learning

February 2021

During the current lockdown we are using a variety of methods to help our learners continue their learning.

We hold zoom lessons and invites are sent to all learners. We are also using google classrooms to distribute and receive work. In some cases we are also providing paperbased work where work is posted with an SAE. We also use email where the learners work better with that.

We are holding face to face classes for some vulnerable learners including those for whom none of the above work, however these places have to be limited due to covid safety policies but we are working hard to ensure that anyone who requires it get some face to face support.

It is vital that learners continue their study as we have no choice but to assume that if they do not they no longer wish to be on the course.

We are fully aware of the difficulties face by lack of IT resources and are awaiting government decisions on when additional funds will be made available to independent providers, however we do have a small amount of funds if you are in severe need. Please talk to your tutors if this is the case. We are aware though that many of you are able to complete work set through one of the means mentioned above.

We have also placed a copy of our remote learning risk assessment on the website so you can see the action we are taking to keep you as safe as possible on line at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your remote learning please contact a member of your tutoring team.

Thank you and good luck with your continuing learning.