Teacher Training- Post 16

What levels are available? These courses are available at Levels 3 and 4
Who is this course for? These courses have been designed for part time learners. The course develops both practical and knowledge required to work either in the post 16 lifelong learning sector or the private sector. The Level 4 requires a minimum of 30 hours in the role of a trainer, either paid or voluntary.
What will I learn? At Level 3 your course includes the following:
Principles and practice of delivering a training session
Plan a training session to meet learner needs
Adapt delivery, assessment and evaluation to meet learner needs

At Level 4 your course includes:

Health, safety and security of a learning environment
Theories and domains of learning
Identification of learner needs and barriers to learning
Use of the training cycle
When will I need to attend? Attendance is flexible according to learner needs. Level 3 takes 3-5 days dependant on experience and Level 4 takes approximately 20 weeks
How much will it cost me? Price on application
What do I need? A text book and course stationery.
Can I get financial help?
If you are over 24 years old and applying for the Level 4 course, a student loan system is in operation.
What can I do after the course? At level 3 you will be able to become a trainee tutor in the post 16 education sector or progress onto the level 4 course.
At level 4 you will be able to apply for qualified tutor roles in the post 16 education establishments or progress onto the Level 5 qualification.


Contact Details:
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